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The Mummy

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Christy and Bruce ordered this on PPV.  It was pretty obvious from the previews that this was a pretty, but silly movie.  It lived down to my expectations.

Probably the best part of this movie was the hot chick near the beginning.  The Pharaoh's woman who cheats on him.  But even this was melodramatic and simple.   Basically, this entire movie was aimed at the lowest common denominator.

The previews implied a lot more gore and horror that was actually in the movie.   They show a bazillion scarabs pooring out of the ground, and the main characters running from various dangers looking scared.  In reality, there was a lot of slapstick and generally silly humor.  So much so that you're never really given time to build up a lot of tension.  Though I was able to give Christy a hard time for hiding behind the blanket during some of the early scenes.  The fighting and chase scenes were just time fillers.  The main characters just plowed through the obstacles in order to get to the next plot point.

The characters are Brendan Frasier as an down-on-his-luck rough-and-tumble American.   Some girl as a wanna-be Egyptologist.  Some little guy I've seen before playing a sychophantic Egyptian guide.  And a group of Americans for even more bumbling comic relief.  The bad guy probably could have played a really good bad guy, but the script was way too simple for that.

The graphics were pretty high quality.  A few visual glitches.  The scarabs looked too plastic.  Most of the particle effects moved too slowly and smoothly.

Less graphic and more slapstick than I expected.  Generally a fairly light-hearted excuse to show off some special effects.  On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Cable with Dinner.

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