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It was pretty clear that this movie was about super heros with odd super powers.   There's The Shovel, The Spleen (should be known as FartMan,) Mr. Furious, etc.   It's a really fun, tongue-in-cheek concept.  They take it a step farther by showing some behind the scenes details, like Capt Amazing's endorsement deals and the family lives of some of the Mystery Men.

The movie starts with a fight scene where we learn that the title characters basically suck as super heros.  They're getting their butts kicked by second-rate bad guys when Capt. Amazing shows up and wipes up the bad guys in a few seconds.  In order to keep the interest of his sponsors, Capt Amazing endorses the release of his top arch-enemy from prison to give him someone worth fighting.  Capt Amazing ends up getting captured and our wanna-be heros try to rescue him.

A broad overview of the movie would be: The opening fight leads into Capt Amazing getting the bad guy released.  Capt Amazing getting captured mixed with the home lives of the Mystery Men.  The recruiting of more wanna-be heros to the team.  A scene where the Mystery Men harrass the bad guy.  A scene where we're introduced to a bunch of throw-away side-kicks.  An aborted rescue attempt.  An abbreviated training segment.  And the finale.

That doesn't seem like it should be too much for one movie, but it really breaks up the flow.  The script never really gets to explore any one aspect deeply enough to sustain interest.  There were too many short ups and downs.  They needed to cut more out.  The opening was pretty good, and then a break for exposition would have worked.  But from that point they needed to crank up the adrenaline and keep it up.

The waitress/girlfriend was cute.

I really wanted to like this movie.  It wasn't bad, but the pacing didn't keep up.   On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Cable with Dinner.

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