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My mom and I both heard good things about this movie.  I was told it wasn't just a simple horror flick, and that it was thought-provoking.  It didn't quite do that for me.  I could see the seeds of a better movie in this one.  But I'm not sure how to pull it off.

It was set in WWII for a coupla plot devices.  First, to explain a fancy house without electricity and telephone.  Also to explain why the husband wasn't around.   And, for the kids to have an odd disease without constant medical supervision.   It's also the setting for the class system, rich home owners and servants, which is probably not quite as strong as it was then.

One thing I kind of liked about this movie is that there wasn't anyone to explain what was going on.  Or rather, it was clear how those characters who had a clue came by their information.  That makes this one of the few supernatural movies that didn't have to spend a lot of time explaining what was going on.  "The fog will stop her."  "Oh, yes.  The fog."

All of these things that should have set up a good movie.  But somehow that didn't carry it.

Part of the problem was that they gave in to some surprise scare scenes.  Those were really annoying.  You knew from the music that something is going to jump out at you, and yet it still startles you when it happens.  That sort of crass manipulative style isn't entertaining.

Despite being really tired when watching this movie, I nearly had it figured out halfway through.  Somehow Kidman's journey wasn't compelling.

On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Cable.  It wasn't horrible.  But it wasn't has thought-provoking as I had expected.

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