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An anti-hero movie.  Mel Gibson plays a bad guy (Porter) who is crossed by his partner.  He survives getting shot in the back and comes back five months later.   All he wants is his half of the money he and his partners had stolen at the time he got crossed.

In the early parts of the movie, Porter appears to be an ethical thief.  He was smart, yet ruthless in stealing the money.  But he wasn't sadistic.  OTOH, his partner was sadistic.  (The sadism in that character is used later to introduce Lucy Liu.  Yummy!)

As the movie goes along, you start seeing Porter's sociopathy.  He threatens people, someone calls his bluff, and he goes through on the threat.  No melodrama.   No hesitation.  And no remorse.

Porter shows an uncanny ability to predict what each of his protaganists are up to.   And an ability to adapt to what he learns about them as he goes along.   Nothing that breaks the verisimiltude, though.

This movie is hard to talk about without a lot of spoilers.  It is violent, but not gory or gratuitous.  Still a little disturbing at times.

The sociopathy is along the lines of Casino, but much lighter in tone.  On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Rental with Dinner.

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