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Six Days, Seven Nights VHS DVD

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Happened to catch this late one night when I couldn't sleep.

One of those Hollywierd movies that doesn't have much to talk about.  It's about what you would expect from the previews.  They hate each other.  They crash.   Their significant others search for awhile and then sleep together.  They learn to like each other.  They get chased for awhile.  They get away.

I did like most of the flying.  I believe Harrison Ford is a real pilot and that helped him keep the emergency and landing scene believable.  The ending was very pat, though.  The cannon shot straight up in the air was particularly stupid.  Almost as bad as an unnecessary impaling.

Basically, this movie was too predictable.  All of the humor was blatantly telegraphed.  The "funniest" bits were shown in the previews.  The rest was simple and easy to see coming.  Generally, the humor just wasn't very clever.

Similarly, the plot devices were mostly contrived.  The snake up the pants.   The loss of the flare.  The bad guys.  Making their way back to the plane.  Not as bad as some movies, but still too evenly spaced.  They just didn't flow well.

One high point.  The chicks were hot.

Predictable humor, contrived plot devices and generally took the safe route.  On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Cable.

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