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The Sixth Sense

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Saw this over at Scott Warren's.  He has the DVD.  It looks like the commentary on it would be really interesting.  We listened to a bit of it.

A well-done movie.  Hard to describe without giving everything away.  And the trip is what the movie is about.  If you miss the big secret the first time around it'll be interesting to see it a second time.  It'll probably seem like a much different movie.

The kid really did do a good job.  He never looked like a kid who was acting.

They could have easily made this a simple Hollyweird horror movie.  Instead, they went more for the teacher and student helping each other.  There are some horror scenes, but they don't dominate the movie.  They're simply to show what the kid is going through.

This was very much the opposite of an action movie for Willis.  Actually, thinking back, there wasn't much for him to do.  He had some acting at the beginning and the end.  But the rest of the time he mostly reacted to the kid.  Plus a couple of scenes where he gazed at his wife and looked sad.

On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Matinee.  Willis and the kid had very good performances.

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