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The Whole Nine Yards

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I've only seen Mathew Perry play one kind of part so far, but he's doing a good job of picking roles that use him well.  Bruce Willis has a little more range and also has a good track record, IMHO.

The movie starts out pretty fast.  We learn the Rosanne Arquette and her mother are bitches.  We never really learn why Perry ended up with her.  Willis, a reknowned hit man, moves in next door.  Arquette talks Perry into going to Chicago to tell the mob where Willis is.  Perry has no intention of doing anything once he gets there, but the mob is waiting for him.

And so on.

It was a wild ride to start.  It was fun trying to keep up with who was really allied with whom, and their motives.  But about halfway through the twists stopped for awhile.  They tried to make up for it with a little action.  It let the audience catch up, but it felt a bit flat after the start.

I didn't realize that Natasha Henstridge was in it.  She has an implied sex scene but keeps her clothes on.  Amanda Peet gets naked.  Yummy!

There are a couple of little twists at the end.  But I wonder if they could have structured it a little more like The Sting.  Use plants that you don't recognize as such until the end of the movie.  Or at least some more revelations that you didn't see coming.  As it is, they ended up with a lot of exposition to keep the audience.

Started out with some interesting twists but kind of plateaued.  Overall, pretty fun.  On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Rental with Popcorn and Drinks.

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