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X2: X-Men United

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Went with Scoo, which was way cool.

I kinda liked the first one. But I have to admit, I found the allegiances hard to keep track of. Having learned since then that it's essentially a statement on biggotry and discrimination maybe helps a little.

I mostly enjoyed this movie, but man, it had a lot of verisimilitude breaks for me.

I find it hard to believe the school was essentially unknown to the authorities. They knew Patrick Stewart's character was involved with the mutants. They must have known he was a mutant, too. So it doesn't seem to me that it would have taken much investigation to spot that the school was full of young mutants.

Also, the jet taking off and landing under the tennis court should have been audible for miles. If you've heard a VTOL aircraft fly (like the Harrier) then you know they're some of the noisiest aircraft flying. You don't hide one of those when it's hovering close to the ground.

Hmm, what else? Here's a sampler of things that bugged me as they happened:

The good parts of the movie were, of course, the hot womenz. And the special effect were top-notch. The wisp of smoke for the teleporting guy was and interesting touch. Though, he was maybe a bit too super-humanly fast.

A couple of the relationships were kind of simpleton. She Has To Pick Between The Two Guys. The two guys have a borderline friendly rivalry. (Wolverine keeps stealing the other guy's vehicles.) This Other Woman Likes The New Guy. The kid is jealous of the obvious adoration his girlfriend has for the older guy.

Somehow, despite all these problems the movie was generally pretty fun.  Maybe a bit heavy-handed with its foreshadowing, but still, in the end, entertaining.

Better than the first, though I still had a little trouble keeping track of the allegiences.  Great effects.  On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Rental with Dinner.

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