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Wow, my first movie in months.

Apparently this is a remake of an old Jimmy Stewart movie, The Shop Around the Corner.   And like other Nora Ephron films, she refers to the other movie.  The name of Meg Ryan's bookstore is The Shop Around the Corner.  They also make several references to The Godfather.

This movie is about what you would expect.  A light-hearted story and likable characters.  Hanks' previous girlfriend and Ryan's previous boyfriend are fairly annoying, obviously so the audience will want them out of the way.  (Though Parker Posey is cute.)

The second act, after the big revelation scene where Hanks learns who he has been emailing, is interesting.  They do a pretty good job of having him make up to Meg Ryan.  First, as the emailer "standing her up" at their first big meeting.   And then as the business competitor, slowly becoming her friend.  But, the ending was maybe a little too convenient.

On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, this movie gets Rental.  It's well done.   About what you would expect.

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