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Even though I hadn't read the book, I could see places where they chopped the story to fit into a movie. For example, the Mickey Rourke character, Bruiser was introduced and shoved aside very quickly. He was a plot device used later in the movie.

Similarly, the relationships between all the characters weren't explored much at all. They show Matt Damon and Claire Danes meeting a few times, but really nothing beyond that. They show Danny DeVito teaching Matt Damon sleazy tricks, but not really why DeVito thought that teaming up with Damon would be to his benefit.

Despite those gaps, when they make it to the courtroom scenes, the movie works pretty well. You're frustrated when the insurance company lawyer supresses the truth with lawyer bullshit, and satisfied when the kid finds the precedent he needs to get it admitted.

Overall, I liked this movie. On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, rates Matinee.

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