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I passed on this one in the theatre.  My roommate ordered it on PPV, so I hung to check it out.  I was hoping that Douglas could pull it out.  We both agree that we should have passed on PPV, too.

The movie basically cashes in on the popularity of conspiracy theories.  That somehow, a large group of people can get together and purposely take your life out of your control.

The movie tries to keep you guessing by bouncing back and forth between, "It's the Game," and "You're ours, now."  Somehow they missed the mark, and I was just kept irritated.  The verisimilitude simply wasn't there.  I kept on reacting with, "No way."  The big finale in particular was completely over the top.  Truthfully, I didn't see the actual start of the credits, because I had to leave for a clan match.  They were stretching out the ending so I wouldn't be surprized to learn that there was one more twist that I missed.  Which would be even more unbelievable than the point I did leave.

The chick is hot.  I can't seem to come up with where I've seen her before.   I know she's been in a few different things.

On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, this movie rates Commercial with Popcorn and Drinks.  It wasn't a total loss, but pretty close.

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