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I think that maybe I'm so cynical that I wouldn't be surprised to find that some politicians have already crossed this line. Someone once accussed Reagan of invading Granada to give himself something to crow about.

In the story, there were no spontaneous events.  Everything was scripted. Every time an "ordinary citizen" talked to the President, they were a plant.

The camera follows the de Niro character almost exclusively. I liked how they implied other interests at work and interacting offstage.  They used that to throw in a neat plot twist just as the war was heating up.

I dunno.  It wasn't bad.  But it didn't grab me.  There were several good lines.  It did get a little episodic during the second half of the movie.   I would have liked it better if they had kept using other interests, rather than random events in the environment. Also, they never explained where Dennis Leary's character came from or where he went.

A few times in the movie they had a slightly-shaky cam shot with a quick zoom-in.   I hope this doesn't become the next trend.  It was very amateurish in G.I. Jane and I don't think it worked any better here.

The defining line:  "It's real.  I know it is because I saw it on television."

On brother's Total Movie Value Scale, this rates a Cable.  I think my companions liked it better than I did.

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