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Personal Projects
Stuff, mostly toy projects, I'm working on or have thought of
SDOE Screenshots
Screenshots from the flight sim I worked on.
Also, History in Pictures
A picture page of my flying experiences
R/C Stuff
R/C experiences
Movie Reviews Non-framed
Just my minuscule opinion
Game Reviews
More opinion
Book Reviews
Wish I had time to read more
Music I Own
Just a list of artists and albums
My thoughts on a variety of topics
Current .plan Archive 1998-1999 Archive 2000 Archive 2001 Archive 2002 Archive 2003
So far, just a work log
The ubiquitous online resume
Softball - Whipping Boys
Game critiques from when we were in the Richardson Couch Potato League
Hockey - Absolute Zero/Decepticons and Avalanche
Old game critiques from the Plano Ice Bound I league and C league at Ice-O-Plex
Where I've been and what I thought of it
Stuff I Use
A screen grab of my task try and why all that stuff is there.  And, my old P166 task tray shot.
Palm Pilot
Palm Pilot utilities I use.  I like my little geek box
An algorithm to ricochet two air-hockey-puck-like objects together
Polygon Collisions
An algorithm to find the collision point of two polygons
I was a member of the INDY Clan
Recent Customer Service Incidents
The genesis of this page is the atrocious customer service I've gotten from several companies lately.
Cat Scans
I was far too late to enter the contest, but it's still funny
Mighty's Webcam
Why in the world would anyone want to look at me?
Files referenced by some of these pages available for download.
Random pictures
My Equipment
The computing power in my house.
SETI@Home Progress
Up-to-date info on where each machine is at running SETI@Home.
A coupla people kept asking me for a guestbook, so I started one.
Sites I visit regularly

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