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PC Games

Half-Life 2: Episode One 18/AUG/06
Overall, it wasn't a great gaming experience.  Might have been better without the commentary balloons.  Threat?  What Threat?
Call of Duty: United Offensive 03/JUL/06
The level design exhibits remarkably poor game balance.  The enemy forces are so overwhelming that even an experienced FPS gamer ends up getting killed twenty, thirty, even fifty times within the same 20 seconds of game time.  Threat?  What Threat?
Call of Duty 29/MAY/06
The fit and finish of the game is very good for its time.  But many of the levels are incredibly frustrating.  Threat?  What Threat?
Tribes 2 11/MAY/06
Bargain bin choice, so I could play with a friend.  Overwhelming at first.   Still learning.  Threat of Procrastination.
Call of Duty 2 01/FEB/06 - 28/FEB/06
Very pretty.  Mostly good maps.  A few puzzlish bits.  Heavy Threat of Sleep Loss.
Luxor: Anum Rising 30/JAN/06
Final score: 26,049,675.  Heavy Threat of Sleep Loss.
Half-Life 2 15/AUG/05
Gorgeous graphics.  Very fun, but felt a bit puzzle-heavy, like a First Person Adventure Game.  Didn't have the impact of the original, but a good game.  Heavy Threat of Sleep Loss.
Far Cry 16/JUL/05
Most of the game is a fun romp.  The last few levels are, for me, unplayable.   I actually cheated.  Slight Threat of Starvation/Threat to Your Reputation
Luxor 15/APR/05
Designed by Scott and Chad at MumboJumbo.   Very entertaining.  Heavy Threat of Sleep Loss.
Bejeweled 2 30/MAR/05
A very good variation of the original.  I like the exploding jewels and hypercube.  But I'm annoyed they don't have a lo-res Palm version.  Threat of Sleep Loss.
Doom 3 11/MAR/05
Often strongly reminiscent of Doom 2, it's just plain a lot of fun.  Designed to be played on a big screen, in the dark, loud.  Threat of Sleep Loss.
Red Faction II 01/DEC/03
Made it about halfway through, evaluating for a job interview.  Was good until I hit a mission what required reloading from the same savepoint at least 20 times.   Threat of Sleep Loss.
Sid Meier's Gettysburg! 31/JUL/03
Just starting.  The interface does work very well, so far.  Need to step up to the next difficulty.  Threat of Sleep Loss.
Unreal II 10/JUN/03
Decent story.  Good use of engine.  Linearity of levels mostly hidden.   Threat of Sleep Loss.
Unreal Tournament 2003 14/SEP/02
Goes a bit more cartoony than UT, but nowhere near Q3.  Plays very well.   Threat of Heavy Sleep Loss.
Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos 15/AUG/02
Didn't really grab me.  The heros seem to be a distraction from the core game.   Threat of Procrastination
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault 01/AUG/02
A bit less of a sim than I expected.  Not bad.  I did keep playing until late at night.  Threat of Procrastination
The Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions 09/JAN/02
Just one more puzzle...  Serious Threat of Starvation.
Return to Castle Wolfenstein 31/DEC/01
A decent FPS.  Fairly simple story.  Very linear.  Not as nostalgic as I had hoped.  Threat of Sleep Loss.
Max Payne 08/DEC/01
This is one I actually finished.  The third-person bugged me.  Loved bullet time.  Threat of Procrastination.
Deus Ex 08/DEC/01
I suppose it's an RPG, but I'm playing it like an FPS.  Good story.  Threat of Sleep Loss.
Half-Life: Opposing Force12/MAY/01
It has short bits that were photogenic and a few good puzzles.  But mostly it just threw lots of monsters at you.  Threat?  What threat?
Quake 3 20/DEC/99
A bit more cartoonish style than UT.  Well implemented and generally fun.  I like UT a bit better, but this is still a great game.  Threat of Heavy Sleep Loss.
Unreal Tournament 20/DEC/99
Really captures the feel of Quake/QuakeWorld.  Lots of fun weapons.  Some great DM and CTF levels.  Serious Threat of Starvation.
Homeworld 08/DEC/99
Great looking.  The UI works.  Decent story told using the in-game engine.   Threat of Some Sleep Loss.
Half-Life 29/JUN/99
The first 85% is a very compelling single-player game.  The alien world bits are incredibly annoying.  Serious Threat of Starvation/Threat?  What Threat?
Monaco Grand Prix Racing Simulation 2 18/FEB/99
MGPRS2 is the Windows equivalent of GP2.  Different blemishes, but overall a solid sim.  Threat of Heavy Sleep Loss.
Age of Empires 18/FEB/99
So much like Warcraft that the same keyboard shortcuts work.  Threat of Heavy Sleep Loss.
05/MAR/99 Multiplayer games are much more fun when more friends pick it up.  Threat of Starvation.
Starcraft 27/SEP/98
Straightforward evolution of Warcraft engine.  Good fun factor.  Threat of Heavy Sleep Loss.

PS/2 Games

Haven't really played it enough to decide.  Threat of Procrastination.
Grand Theft Auto 3
Very good storyline.  Very good mechanism to choose missions.  Thoroughly enjoying it.  Threat of Heavy Sleep Loss.
Summoner II 10/DEC/03
Barely started, evalutating for a job interview.  It was fun, but I'm out of practice with RPGs.  Threat of Sleep Loss.
SSX Tricky 10/JUN/03
Lots of good, silly fun.  Lotsa alternate routes and other easter-eggish type combos.  Threat of Heavy Sleep Loss.
Crazy Taxi 15/AUG/02
Silly mindless fun. Does become repetitive, though.  Threat of Procrastination
Medal of Honor: Frontline 01/AUG/02
Controls take some getting used to.  Have to restart levels a lot.  Threat of Procrastination.
EA Formula 1 26/DEC/01
Really need a wheel for this one.  Seems fairly arcady.  Threat of Procrastination
Madden 2002 15/DEC/01
Not bad for a football game.  Threat of Procrastination
NHL 2002 13/OCT/01
The computer's a little too adept at stealing the puck, even on medium setting.   Fun despite that.  Threat of Procrastination..
Spy Hunter 2 13/OCT/01
Looking good, lotsa fun.  Bruce has finished it and says it's too short.   Threat of Heavy Sleep Loss.
Grand Turismo 3 13/OCT/01
This thing is just gorgeous.  Whoever did the camera code did a great job.  It looks like it was shot by ABC Sports.  Threat of Sleep Loss.

Palm OS Games

Bejeweled 13/FEB/04
Seeing as this is on Top 10 lists all over the net, obviously it's popular and I'm late in finding it.  Threat of Starvation/to Society.

Mighty's Brother's Game Threat Scale:

Addictivity/Threat index => describes how much of your life you'll lose playing the game instead of doing something productive.  Values are qualitative, not quantitative.  (Avoid using hours.)

Threat to Society
If everyone started playing this game we'd revert to the middle ages from the lack of productivity.
Threat of Starvation
You'll forget to eat, sleep, go to work...etc.  If you're married, call the marragie counseler.
Threat of Sleep Loss
But you'll till have time to catch Seinfeld (or something more current/local.  Say, the Cowboys.)
Threat of Procrastination
Such as not balancing your checkbook, cleaning your closet, washing the window screens, minor repairs etc.
Threat?  What Threat?
You can take it or leave it.
Threat to Your Reputation
If you're caught playing this game.
Threat to Gaming Industry
All those "serious" programmers look to this game to justify their pitiful lives writing "productive" software.

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