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Current Project: Mighty's SETI@Home Sig/HTML

Previous projects:
Ripmax RC Simulator
Fighter Squadron: Screamin' Demons Over Europe

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Sheesh, I've been lazy.

I had an interview at Electronic Arts in LA to work on Medal of Honor, but blew the interview.  I choked on a simple programming problem simply because I let myself get out of practice.  So that won't happen again, I've started a little project to brush up on my skills.  A little program to read SETI@Home files and spit out an email sig file and an HTML file to post on a web site.

For now, the work log is stored in the .txt file inside the .zip.  I may move start posting that log over here.

In a coupla weeks, after I'm back in the habit of programming, I might go back to SDOE, or I might find another toy project to play with.

In other news, my car is totalled.  An 18-yr-old UTD student turned in front of me.  By the time I realized what she was doing it was too late.

RightFront640.jpg (46067 bytes)

Since I'm out of money I had to buy a piece of junk (hi Rosy :-) to drive around for a coupla years, until I can get something I like again.

ProbeFront640.jpg (44599 bytes)

Mon Sep 30 02:45


Sun Sep 29 05:15




Car wrecked. Crap.

Sat Sep 28 00:30

Gawd, how embarrassing. Keep blowing self-imposed schedules. Excuses include dealing with my car and doing Art Institute work




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Started working on MightySetiInfo

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