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Fireworks 2004

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At Rosy's, 2004

It was hard to trim them down this time.  I ended up keeping more than half of them.

The thumbnails link to a medium-sized version of the image.  There are only a few that have large versions, because most have been cropped to sizes small enough to fit on most screens.

Kids1.jpg (12329 bytes) Prior to the start of the fireworks, Rosy handed out some of those glowing chemical strings to the kids.  I managed to get a couple of interesting long exposure shots while they were spinning them around.
Kids2.jpg (20440 bytes)
Kids3.jpg (11412 bytes)
Kids4.jpg (29856 bytes)
Kids5.jpg (7938 bytes)
RedGlow.jpg (23247 bytes) Red glow in the smoke
Meteors.jpg (33652 bytes) Do these look like meteors?
GreenSmokeTrails.jpg (94297 bytes) Green smoke trails
Sparkles.jpg (45836 bytes) Kinda sparkly
Short.jpg (28895 bytes) Short bits
Red.jpg (58305 bytes) Your basic red
Green.jpg (56508 bytes) Your basic green
White.jpg (39534 bytes) Fairly basic white
LongerGreen.jpg (59390 bytes) Longer green trails
BlueWhiteFlower.jpg (44403 bytes) A pretty blue and white flower
BlueWhite.jpg (46196 bytes) Kinda stringy blue with other bits
GreenRed.jpg (39922 bytes) Green over a red launch
LongBlue.jpg (35300 bytes) Long blue lines
SaturatedWhite.jpg (13261 bytes) Very saturated white
Flat.jpg (8905 bytes) Edge-on
RedBlueCenter.jpg (107908 bytes) Large red burst with blue center
LongerWhite.jpg (40604 bytes) Long white trails
OffTop.jpg (36875 bytes) This one would have been way cool if it hadn't been off the top
BlueRedDisk.jpg (31598 bytes) A blue and red disk, with some stuff left over from the previous round
WhiteStreaks.jpg (38696 bytes) Plain white burst, short trails
BigRedLittleRed.jpg (44562 bytes) A big burst with a little burst just starting inside of it
GreenSquiggles.jpg (43007 bytes) Green squiggles with white dots
WhiteSquiggles.jpg (86034 bytes) Looks like white sheets, prolly due to motion
ThreeOverlapped.jpg (88490 bytes) Three overlapped blasts
RedWhiteCenter.jpg (30482 bytes) Red with a bright white center
RemnantBeginning.jpg (20501 bytes) The remnant of one and the beginning of the next
TwoWhite.jpg (30850 bytes) Two thick white bursts
BlueWhiteCenter.jpg (28258 bytes) Wispy blue with thick white center
Shower.jpg (57760 bytes) Shower over a new burst
ShowerRedBlueTip.jpg (88773 bytes) Shower over a blue burst with a red center
Electric.jpg (34376 bytes) Almost looks like electricity in a plasma ball
Textured.jpg (133886 bytes) Lotsa texture to this one
PrettyBlueWhiteCenter.jpg (100259 bytes) Very pretty blue with white center
Combination.jpg (94804 bytes) An interesting combination
GreenWhiteYellow.jpg (151485 bytes) Green and yellow with a white burst
Unfocused.jpg (12716 bytes) This one almost looks unfocused
GreenWithWhite.jpg (62646 bytes) Interesting green with a new white burst
WhiteGreenGalaxy.jpg (50382 bytes) Some green remnants around a galaxy
RedSquiggles.jpg (27641 bytes) Some red squiggles
GreenHooks.jpg (23563 bytes) Green hooks
Fire.jpg (21865 bytes) That almost looks like fire in the middle
RedYellowTubules.jpg (42137 bytes) Some red and yellow tubules, though not as smooth as previous years
SeaCreature.jpg (17521 bytes) Looks like some sort of sea creature
GreenWhiteCenter.jpg (27076 bytes) Green with white center
UnfocusedRedGlow.jpg (31094 bytes) Red neon glow
WhiteSeaUrchin.jpg (12807 bytes) A white sea urchin
GreenGrassMedium.jpg (50497 bytes) Purposeful motion made this look like grass
Large copy
FaintMotion.jpg (46138 bytes) Very faint motion trails
FaintLavendarMotion.jpg (80540 bytes) Faint lavendar streaks
Comet.jpg (54249 bytes) Swirling comet-ish thing
StrikingMedium.jpg (38876 bytes) I think this is the most striking image of this year's batch
Large copy
BlueWhiteMotion.jpg (42654 bytes) Another delicate blue with white center, but with some motion
FiveMotion.jpg (19878 bytes) Five points with motion
ScottsCamera.jpg (59021 bytes) This is a red one, and you can see Scott's camera on the right.  I got the screen from his camera in about 1/5 of the shots, but cropped it out of them.
DenseWhite.jpg (65880 bytes) Dense white with faintly red tips
InterspersedGreenRed.jpg (72353 bytes) Interspersed green and red with motion
StreakyMotionMedium.jpg (31897 bytes) Streaky motion
Large copy
WhiteGreenCenter.jpg (51279 bytes) White with a green center
GreenWithRemnants.jpg (108693 bytes) Bright green with remnants
RedWithRemnants.jpg (53581 bytes) Red with trash left over
LotsaSmallBursts.jpg (56676 bytes) Lotsa small bursts
OverlappingMedium.jpg (29056 bytes) Lotsa overlapping bursts
Large copy
Arabic.jpg (26727 bytes) Looks almost like arabic writing, to me
GreenBlueWhite.jpg (117762 bytes) Green blue and white overlapping
RedWhiteFlower.jpg (45287 bytes) Red and white flower
RedBlueTip.jpg (77600 bytes) Red with blue tips
WhiteGreenRemnants.jpg (58180 bytes) White and green with lotsa trash
WhiteFlower.jpg (16636 bytes) White flower
BlueDots.jpg (35511 bytes) Blue dots
YellowSquiggles.jpg (27822 bytes) Yellow squiggles
TwoWithBlueRemnants.jpg (34418 bytes) Two white bursts with oddly shaped blue remnants
OddStructure.jpg (42611 bytes) Almost looks like the two are smeared different directions
Multicolored.jpg (73436 bytes) Multicolored
RedWithYellowRemnants.jpg (61892 bytes) Red with some yellow remnants falling off
GreenAndSmoke.jpg (82134 bytes) Green and a lot of smoke
ThinSpidery.jpg (11015 bytes) Thin and spidery
YellowStreaks.jpg (23483 bytes) Yellow sheets
Tadpoles.jpg (47046 bytes) Tadpoles
Vertical.jpg (85334 bytes) Vertical edge on.  Notice digital noise due to long exposure time
RainingDown.jpg (119025 bytes) Raining down
ColoredSmoke.jpg (56171 bytes) Colored smoke
BrightRedGreen.jpg (119755 bytes) Bright red and green
BrightYellowRed.jpg (37911 bytes) Bright yellow and red
BrightRedYellow.jpg (27137 bytes) Red and yellow
NearFinale.jpg (20498 bytes) Near finale
CirclesMedium.jpg (53277 bytes) Circles
Large copy
HeartMedium.jpg (54301 bytes) Heart-shaped
Large copy
RandomMotionMedium.jpg (64013 bytes) Random motion
Large copy
RandomMotion2Medium.jpg (66369 bytes) Large copy
ArcOfFire.jpg (69457 bytes) Arc of fire
ArcOfFire2.jpg (50137 bytes)
ArcOfFire3.jpg (47845 bytes)
RedWithScottsMedium.jpg (26271 bytes) Another nice one with Scott's screen in the corner
Large copy
PlasmaBall.jpg (23238 bytes) Another plasma ball
RedWithBurstMedium.jpg (26177 bytes) Some stuff streaking out of this red burst
Large copy
ssmedium.jpg (24270 bytes) Some S's
Large copy
WhiteDense.jpg (110938 bytes) Dense white symmetrical burst
WhiteWithGreenRemnants.jpg (85892 bytes) Thick white with green remnants around it
Sunspot.jpg (25166 bytes) There's a gap in this one, like a sunspot
SquiggleRedYellowShowerMedium.jpg (43380 bytes) Squiggly red with a yellow shower behind it
Large copy
ShowerBrightBurstMedium.jpg (24005 bytes) A shower with a bright burst in it.  This one you really need to get the large version to see the detail in the shower
Large version
Pegasus.jpg (12279 bytes) As a rorschach blot, this looks a little like a pegasus
GreenWhiteComboMedium.jpg (30580 bytes) Really interesting white burst with a green shower behind it
Large copy
DelicateSquigglesMedium.jpg (57305 bytes) Some delicate squiggles
Large copy
MulticolorInsetMedium.jpg (55740 bytes) Pretty overlapped multi-colored combo
Large copy
YellowTopMedium.jpg (79171 bytes) Finale pic
Large copy
BrightOverlappingMedium.jpg (39182 bytes) Another nice finale pic
Large copy

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