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Customer Services Stories last updated 25/JUN/01
The genesis of this page is the atrocious customer service I've gotten from several companies lately.
Cell phones in the car 15/JUN/01
And, no, hands-free isn't any safer.
Pascal's Wager 25/JUN/01
Bet on God?  Is it really such a good wager?
What about Hoyle? 12/AUG/01
Jerry Pournelle keeps asking this question and blows off the replies.  Here's my perspective.
Global Warming 08/OCT/01
A specific example of people basing opinions on sound-bite news
Education 23/DEC/01
My experiences when transferring to a highly regarded school district
Why Not Religion? 25/FEB/02
Religion's indoctrination of blind faith is a danger to society.
The Case Against Christian Creationism 01/DEC/03
"Creation Science" is so easy to refute I've listed a few of the obvious fallacies
"But what if you meet the perfect woman..." 13/SEP/05
...and she has kids?
What are the odds? 19/SEP/05
...of finding the woman I'm right for
"I'll cherish it" 19/NOV/05
The perils of online dating
That can't be how it is! 01/JAN/06
Feelings of helpless panic
"No charge for refills" 17/JAN/06
I felt so helpless
They need it 14/FEB/06 - Updated 17/APR/06
My Religious Background 22/FEB/06
A blank slate
He Speaks Spanish? 03/MAR/06
I'm one of the most color-blind people you'll ever meet.
Spirituality vs Religion 05/MAR/06
Search vs Study
There must be a reason 11/JUN/06
"You can't believe the way you do without a reason."
There but for the grace of... 13/JUN/06
A nice guy, a tornado, and his house
Scamming 101 04/JUL/06
Plot points
She blocked me? 29/AUG/06
Someone looking for reasons to be mad at me
Speed of Light 05/SEP/06
It took seventeen years
State of War 18/SEP/06
Are we at war with terrorists?
Some of My Favorites 11/DEC/06
Some of my favorite online stories
Driving (in the) Rain 03/APR/07
Kept my cool in the rain
Sedation 28/APR/07
I was put under sedation for the first time in my life
Real Life Parables - Incidents in my life that illustrate a general theme
Perfection 29/JUN/01
How two kids approach a game
Mighty's Diet Plan 06/SEP/05
Crash diets don't work

Future rants:

Sound-bite news
Politics, science, etc.
Tabloid news
Hyped news like O. J. and Jon-Benet.  Most of the fault falls on the buying/viewing public
Violence in video games
If there were anything to this then there would be thousands or millions of incidents
Cigarette lawsuits
I'm tired of today's society of blame.  Take responsibility for your own decisions and actions.
Anecdote on how I won Mary
A real-life parable, maybe.  Maybe just an anecdote
Metaphysical auto-centered search-and-destroy mission
Just a description of all the things that have happened to my cars.  Most not my fault.
It doesn't appear to be at the top of my priority list
The RIAA is a Menace to Society
The music industry is nearly the poster child of Big American Corporations Gone Bad.
"What went wrong?"
The contrast between two managers.

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