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Download the file v4.5 Jul 3, 2003


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Example output:

MightySETIInfo - SETI@Home Stats Thu Dec 15 16:44:03 2005
Written by MightySETIInfo v4.5
User Mighty has been running 211669657.041137 seconds
(6 years, 258 days, 10 hours, 34 minutes, 1 second)
and has processed 2631 work units
52% through current workunit

MightySETIInfo Readme.txt
Copyright 2002, 2003 All Rights Reserved Drake Christensen


The primary purpose of this program is to give me a simple programming project to keep my skills up. I recently choked in an interview because I've been lazy the last 18 months and am out of practice. I blew a simple programming question.


What this program does is read your SETI@Home files and spit out a .txt file for an email sig and an .html file for posting on a web site. The output format is controlled by template files. You specify how you want it to look, and the program will replace strings in the file with information from your SETI@Home progress. You can tell it if you're using Setihide and it will automagically find the current work unit.

Eventually, it will report the progress of other machines on your LAN. It will read the SETI@Home group page and grab the info so you can format your own group info summary. I'll probably also add output to a BMP/GIF/JPG.

For anyone interested, I have included the source code to this program. Any questions, comments, suggestions, etc are encouraged. I decided to use the Fox GUI toolkit. I use MSVC, but this should compile fairly easily on *nix. If anyone does so, please let me know if there's anything I can do to make the code more portable. Mighty@mightydrake.com

I retain copyright on the portions of the program I've written, but I authorize you to feel free to use and distribute this program and it's source code as you wish. I do ask that you include acknowledgement of me if you do so. For example, with a link to my web site on the page where you post the zip file. I'd also appreciate a quick email, just so I have a clue how many are using it. Let me know if you'd like notification of updates.

If you make any changes to anything in the zip file, please include a prominent notice that you've done so for anyone who downloads the altered file. And please share it with me. I'd like know how my stuff is being used. And, if you chose to make a change then it may be something I should be doing in the official distribution.

How to use this program ------------------------------------------------------

System requirements: Tested on Win 98 SE and Win ME. As far as I know it should work on all Win 9x, NT, 2k and XP systems.

This program is not all that hard to use. See MightySETIInfo.html in this zip file for detailed documentation.



Change history ---------------------------------------------------------------
v1.0 Sep 29

v1.1 Sep 30

v2.0 Nov 20

v3.0 Jan 21

v4.0 Apr 25

v4.1 Apr 27

v4.5 Jul 3

Acknowledgements -------------------------------------------------------------
Freeware FTP source

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Last modified: July 03, 2003
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