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Billy Crystal plays a psychiatrist helping mob boss Robert de Niro.

I think what hurt this movie is that the characters were too shallow.  Also, we weren't shown much about them except in the clumsiest way.  We were told about them.   Crystal can't live up to his father.  de Niro is getting soft. de Niro's bodyguard is an idiot.  Basically all the mobsters are idiots.

Once we have the character stereotypes, we start seeing the contrived yet predictable situations.  The bodyguard showing up in inappropriate places in order to bring Crystal to de Niro.  Messing up the wedding multiple times.  Multiple attempts by mobsters on de Niro that are foiled near Crystal.  And then the finale.

This is a fairly standard Crystal movie where one person talks and the rest just stand there and try to react.  There's too much exposition where one character has to tell us the motives of another character, or some other bit of background.

On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, this movie rates cable.  Shallow characters in contrived yet predictable situations.

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