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Rented this with my mom.

I have an online penpal I met recently who lives in Hong Kong, where some of this movie is set.  So that was mildly interesting.  But very little of the movie is actually in Hong Kong.  Mostly it's just fly-bys used as transitions during phone calls.

Robert Redford and Brad Pitt.  A powerful team.

Hmm, what to say about this movie.  I'm typing this almost a month later, and not a lot really stands out.  At least, nothing that doesn't give away large parts of the story.

The movie was done in flash-backs.  There's an international incident in the present.  It's Redford's last day at CIA.  Redford tells his bosses about Pitt's career.  Carefully editing it to keep them guessing, so he can manipulate the incident.

The big verisimilitude problem for me in this movie was that this final incident is resolved in 24 hours.  That bugged me.  The operation they set up should take weeks.  All of the people involved would have known that and refused to jump in with no planning.

The love story should have been interesting, but they had to compress it too much.   They tried to portray most of Pitt's career which left too little time for that piece, even though it was the bulk of the movie.

I suppose some of the cinematography was pretty good.  I guess that has become a trademark in both Redford and Pitt movies.

On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Pay Per View with Dinner.  More top acting.  Finishing the crisis in 24 hours stretched my credibility.   But the rest of the movie was good.

Editing history:

20/MAY/02 Changed rating from Rental with Dinner.

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