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Barb rented this while I was visiting.

I don't mind the occasional Hollywierd fluff movie.  Some are cute and fun to watch.  And of course I think Jennifer Lopez and Bridgette Wilson are incredibly hot.   But the movie had just a few too many contrived situations, which grated on my nerves.

After watching it the first time I went ahead and watching it with the director's commentary.  It was the director and the two writers.  They talked a lot about how much they cut out of the movie.  I had heard before that the script necessary to sell a movie is much longer than what's needed to tell the story.

The problem is, I think they cut out too much.  For example, they tried to demonstrate Jennifer's meticulous nature at the beginning of the movie.  Just one little gesture where she adjusted something on her TV tray.  That was good, but then they cut everything else out.  And she simply doesn't come across as all that meticulous, otherwise.  The DVD included some deleted scenes that helped fill her out a little.

Also, they had to stretch too far for the humor.  For example, they have Jennifer crawling on her knees trying to avoid someone, and of course she gets caught.  Then they drop an emotional bomb, which really felt jarring.  In another scene, they went for the cheap penis gag.  You could see it coming way ahead of time, and I was disappointed that they went for it.

One of the bits ran through most of the movie.  Her father set her up with another guy, who was very persistent.  In the deleted scenes they put an edge on the guy, but they cut all that out.  In the end they made everyone a nice guy, which made the movie just a bit too saccharin.

Fairly standard Hollywierd fluff.  Too much got chopped out.  Some fairly contrived situations.  On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Cable with Dinner.

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