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My roommates rented the movie this weekend.  I had zero interest in seeing it until I started hearing so many good things about it.  Then I was mildly interested.

They did a very good job with both the characters and the circumstances.  The verisimilitude worked.  I've heard for a long time that the unemployment in England is really bad.  So it's easy to accept that several people in one social group would be out of work for months.  You have this group hanging around every day, with one loose cannon sort of person.  The loose cannon gets the original idea and it just sort of snowballs because they don't have anything to distract them.

Normally, after the first few minutes I stop noticing accents.  I'll notice the occasional colloquialism or slang that I don't usually hear.  But the accents were so thick in this movie that I actually had trouble understanding some of the dialogue.   That didn't happen often enough that it detracted from the movie.  And I certainly never want to see a movie dubbed like Mad Max was.  It simply caught my attention.

Basically, I liked the movie.  On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, rates Matinee.

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