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I don't normally spout my minuscule opinion.  But for some reason I enjoy posting these reviews.  To give you an idea of where I'm coming from, here are the DVDs I Own.  Obviously, I only own the DVDs of the movies I like.

Syriana 16/OCT/06
Top notch actors and high production values.  But not enough background so I could follow the motives of the characters.  Cable with Dinner.
Super Troopers 02/AUG/06
Not bad, if you're in the mood for adolescent humor.  Cable with Dinner.
House of Sand and Fog 19/AUG/06
Great actors.  Believable characters.  The situation goes a bit out of control.  Rental with Dinner.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest 07/AUG/06
Kinda fun.  Not horrible, but clearly just a setup for the next film.  Pay Per View with Popcorn and Drinks.
Hitch 06/AUG/06
It's cute. It's fluff. Don't go out of your way to see it, but also don't feel too guilty if you flip to it and leave it on.  Pay Per View.
Capote 24/JUL/06
A fairly interesting snip of Capote's life at the end of his writing career.  Pay Per View.
The Incredibles 18/JUL/06
It was definitely cute.  Rental.
Assault on Precinct 13 01/JUL/06
Not bad, but never really rose above the contrived situation.  Pay Per View with Dinner.
13 Conversations About One Thing 13/MAR/06
Independent film about people wondering if they have happiness in their lives.  Rental.
Lord of War 03/MAR/06
The movie started out fun, went way sober, and ended somewhat thought-provokingly.   Pay Per View with Dinner.
Cinderella Man 12/FEB/06
Your standard feel-good sports movie.  The underdog triumphs.  Pay Per View with Popcorn and Drinks.
Max 17/JAN/06
I dunno.  The theme appears to have eluded me.  Pay Per View.
School of Rock 10/DEC/05
It was cute, but ultimately just fluff.  Pay Per View.
Doom 10/OCT/05
The game is all about killing monsters.  The movie is about... three or four fuzzy themes.  Pay Per View.
Van Helsing 08/OCT/05
Vapid and overall disappointing.  It tried too hard to be fun and didn't pull it off.  Pay Per View.
Transporter 2 12/SEP/05
Basically, an incredibly contrived story that acted as an excuse for fight scenes.   Pay Per View.
K-19:  The Widowmaker 20/AUG/05
Moderately okay drama.  But it just didn't live up to the Gold Standard of Das Boot.  And, I wonder how close to reality it is.  Rental.
Be Cool 06/AUG/05
It was fun, but just didn't tickle me like I would have expected those clever twists would. I think the outrageous performances put me off. Pay Per View.
Supersize Me 05/AUG/05
There was some actually interesting science that came out of this experiment. But he did take it to an extreme.  Rental
The Notebook 28/JUL/05
It was okay, but a bit too hardcore chick flick for my taste.  Pay Per View.
The Aviator 29/MAY/05
A pretty interesting overview of Howard Hughes early- to mid-life.  Rental with Dinner.
The Recruit 26/MAY/05
Modern American super-secret James Bondish training center.  Pretty close to as contrived as it sounds, but not horrible.  Pay Per View.
Sideways 22/MAY/05
Longtime friends face life-changing events by acting as they always have.  Some interesting moral dilemmas.  Rental.
Star Wars III:  Revenge of the Sith 19/MAY/05
A very strong finish to the series.  I left the theater thinking that it felt like it led into the first one pretty well.  Full Price.
Friday Night Lights 15/APR/05
Football is a religion here in Texas.  Pay Per View.
Collateral 20/MAR/05
Cruise and Foxx make a good team with Michael Mann.  They pull it off despite the slightly contrived premise.  Rental with Dinner.
Garden State 21/FEB/05
Interesting character study of a 20-something coming home for his mother's funeral.   Matinee.
Mr. Holland's Opus 03/JAN/05
I'm not sure what all the fuss was about.  It's a fairly straightforward feel-good movie about a high school music teacher's career.  Pay Per View.
Open Range 26/DEC/04
Low key western.  Pay Per View.
Die Another Day 12/DEC/04
In some ways, too realistic for a Bond film.  Pay Per View.
The United States of Leland 08/DEC/04
Somewhat thought-provoking, but somewhat jumbled.  Rental.
Cat in the Hat 02/DEC/04
Another Seuss disappointment.  Cable with Dinner.
Pay it Forward 05/NOV/04
Come up with an idea to change the world - and put it into action.  Rental with Dinner.
Jacob the Liar 14/OCT/04
A story about hope in the face of hopelessness.  Rental with Dinner.
Under the Tuscan Sun 03/OCT/04
A light chick flick.  Generally fun.  Mildly interesting.  I'm sure I missed a lot. Pay Per View.
I, Robot 25/SEP/04
Only had tidbits from the original stories.  Okay action movie, but a bit convoluted in many places.  Pay Per View.
Hero 29/AUG/04
Very Chinese martial arts film.  Very pretty.  Very stylized.  Good story.  Matinee.
Blow 01/AUG/04
One man's part in the transformation of the drug trade from dealing a little weed to massive importation of cocaine.  Rental.
The Terminal 16/JUL/04
Decent performances in a story with an identity crisis.  It is cute, but it's not as good as I'd hoped.  Rental.
Troy 05/JUL/04
It was a slick and entertaining romp.  But I'm wondering if it did a very good job of capturing the tone of Homer's Illiad.  Matinee with Popcorn and Drinks.
Anna and the King 12/JUN/04
Overall, it was a solid story, with decent chararacters played by top actors.  But it wasn't any better than merely solid.  Rental with Popcorn and Drinks
Lost in Translation 27/MAY/04
Interesting character interaction.  But I'm not sure I see it as Oscar material.   I think I'm missing a lot.  Rental with Dinner.
Kill Bill: Vol 2 16/APR/04
I liked the first one better, but this one was good, too.  Recognizably related to the first movie.  But it had many different style elements.  Matinee.
Shanghai Knights 11/APR/04
It was pretty fun.  Lotsa clever word play.  Really cute girl.   Pay Per View.
The Alamo 09/APR/04
It's a war movie.  Sort of like Pearl Harbor, it extends the story to give an opportunity for a happy ending.  Pay Per View With Dinner.
Endless Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 26/MAR/04
The story of a failed relationship as the memories are being erased.  Very bizarre, but well done.  Matinee.
Shawshank Redemption 19/MAR/04
Followed the story pretty closely.  Some interesting choices.  Rental with Dinner.
Secondhand Lions 25/FEB/04
Sort of like Big Fish, with bigger-than-life tales.  The journey wasn't as convincing, though.  Pay Per View with Popcorn and Drinks.
Out of Time 23/FEB/04
A Denzel vehicle.  Balanced right on the edge of verisimilitude.  Pay Per View with Popcorn and Drinks.
Monster 22/FEB/04
Tough subject.  Does a decent job of showing how the journey they took got them to where they ended up.  Rental.
Miracle 14/FEB/04
Not too formulaic.  A bit superficial, though.  It did capture the excitement of the game, though.  Rental with Dinner.
Hardball 13/FEB/04
Not as slapstick as Mighty Ducks or Bad News Bears, but largely the same story.   Cable with Dinner.
Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels 03/FEB/04
I liked this every bit as much as Snatch. And the ending is priceless. Matinee with Popcorn and Drinks.
Big Fish 01/FEB/04
Great use of fantastical special effects.  Fun, diverse characters.  Could see some Burton style choices in there.  Matinee.
John Q. 01/FEB/04
Sorta similar to that Travolta movie.  Mostly pretty good, albeit some of the characters were pretty superficial.  Pay Per View with Popcorn and Drinks.
Bad Boys II 16/JAN/04
Loud action sillyness. Turn off your brain, and this one hangs together. Pay Per View.
S.W.A.T. 14/JAN/04
Slightly better than expected Hollyweird action movie. Pay Per View.
Identity 14/JAN/04
I guess you could call this a thriller almost worthy of Cusack. Pay Per View.
The Last Samurai 08/JAN/04
Sort of an oriental Dances With Wolves, though a little more heavy-handed. Good, though. Matinee with Dinner.
Something's Gotta Give 27/DEC/03
Cute love story.  About what you'd expect, with only minor twists.  Kinda clever about it, though.  Rental.
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King 19/DEC/03
A finale that lives up to the previous films.  Felt like many more war scenes than the previous.  But they didn't drag on.   It flowed well.  Full Price.
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World 04/DEC/03
Episodic naval war movie during the Napoleanic Wars.  Decent pace.   Simplified, but not overly so.  Matinee with Popcorn and Drinks.
The Watcher 16/NOV/03
An okay thriller.  Keanu as a serial killer.  He wasn't quite as flat as normal.  Rental.
Basic 08/NOV/03
This movie is all about twists.  I'm gonna have to think about this some more.   If it's how I think it is then it stretches credulity.  Pay Per View.
Matrix Revolution 08/NOV/03
Still too much explanation required.  And a few instances of, "well, they lost, but let's just say they won."  Still pretty good visually.  Pay Per View
Pearl Harbor 25/OCT/03
Another WW II movie with a love story.  Blech.  Better than I expected, but still pretty lightweight.  Pay Per View.
Kill Bill: Vol 1 25/OCT/03
Very Tarentino.  Lotsa blood, but it's done comically.  Almost Monty Python silly.  Basically an anime movie with real people.  Matinee with Dinner.
Runaway Jury 24/OCT/03
Big name cast.  Coupla interesting twists.  Straight up movie, not an odd Cusack movie.  Matinee with Dinner.
Mystic River 17/OCT/03
Who's the lead in this movie?  Matinee with Dinner.
Seabiscuit 01/AUG/03
Fairly standard Win-Against-Long-Odds story, though set against the Depression.   Matinee.
T3: The Rise of the Machines 30/JUL/03
Bruce warned me that it wasn't really a Terminator movie.  As an action movie, it was pretty fun.  Rental with Popcorn and Drinks.
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 25/JUL/03
Fun story.  Had to pack too much into a movie.  Maybe some bits were a bits contrived. Rental.
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl 20/JUL/03
Light-hearted fun.  Fun characters, decent story, good pace, excellent special effects.  Matinee.
Matrix Reloaded 11/JUL/03
The Mr. Smith fight scenes were of course the standout.  Maybe too much exposition.  Rental with Dinner.
The Hulk 05/JUL/03
Too much faux-science hurt the comic book atmosphere.  Pay Per View.
X2: X-Men United 23/JUN/03
Better than the first, though I still had a little trouble keeping track of the allegiences.  Great effects.  Rental with Dinner.
Vanilla Sky 06/JUN/03 Spoilers
Was mildly interesting, but ended up a big cop-out.  The previews have nothing to do with the film. Pay Per View.
Bruce Almighty 23/MAY/03
Cute, but mostly predictible.  Not bad, but it didn't live up to the potential hinted at in the previews..   Rental.
Men in Black II 22/FEB/03
Kinda fun, but didn't flow as well as the first.  Rental with Dinner.
Double Whammy 22/FEB/03
I have no idea where they came up with the title.  Okay romantic comedy.   Maybe a little contrived, and a bit of an identity crisis.  Pay Per View.
Blackhawk Down 03/FEB/03
Pretty intense.  Maybe a bit superficial on the background.  Rental.
Gangs of New York 19/JAN/03
Very Scorsese, in that it portrays a very violent culture.  Well done, but I don't know how accurate it is.  Matinee.
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers 10/JAN/03
Maybe even more impressive than the first.  Good pace, despite the length. Lotsa action, but not all action.  Full Price.
Catch Me If You Can 30/DEC/02
Just a fun movie.  Likable characters.  Clever situations.  Demonstrates that confidence is all you need.  Rental with Popcorn and Drinks.
Reign of Fire 27/JUL/02
The special effects in the movie were mostly top-notch.   I wanted to like it.  But just a few too many verisimilitude breaks for me.  Pay Per View.
Minority Report 1/JUL/02
The premise was interesting, but had some silly plot devices and contrived suspense scenes.  Pay Per View.
Insomnia 11/JUN/02
A sort-of murder mystery that's really a morality play, I guess.  Rental with Dinner.
Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones 26/MAY/02
Better than the last one.  Almost no Jar Jar.  Still not enough grunge, like in the original.  Matinee with Popcorn and Drinks.
The New Guy 24/MAY/02
A silly mostly-waste-of-time.  Not horrible, but not a lot going for it beyond a few jokes and the cute chicks.  Cable with Popcorn and Drinks.
Life as a House 19/MAY/02
Good performances, but the story was fairly pedestrian.  Rental.
Memento 17/MAY/02
Very bizzare told-backwards device.  You're often hit with, "You don't know what you think you know."  Matinee.
Bandits 17/MAY/02
A fun little bank robbery romp.  Fun characters.  Rental.
Spiderman 10/MAY/02
Basically, a Saturday morning cartoon stretched into a movie.  Not bad, but I didn't go gaga like some of my friends.  Rental.
Blade II 13/APR/02
Verisimilitude gaffes kept yanking me out of the movie.  By the end I didn't care about the characters and just wanted them to get it over with.  Pay Per View.
K-PAX 11/APR/02 Spoilers
I want to like this movie.  The acting is top-notch.  They stretch the secret masterfully.  But it stumbles while they're trying to give the payoff.  Rental.
Spy Game 10/APR/02
More top acting.  Finishing the crisis in 24 hours stretched my credibility.   But the rest of the movie was good.  Pay Per View with Dinner.
Training Day 10/APR/02
Obviously, top-notch acting.  But they left some of the back-story until too late.   Hurt the comprehension.  Pay Per View with Dinner.
The Count of Monte Cristo 16/MAR/02
Far better than the standard Hollyweird fare.  Matinee.
We Were Soldiers 08/MAR/02
It skirts with becoming a sappy war movie.  Borders on formulaic.  I guess you could call it a modern-day John Wayne movie.  It works in the end.  Matinee.
A Beautiful Mind 17/JAN/02
I guess they needed to plant one or two more clues.  Or change the setup to foreshadow what was coming.  Rental.
Ocean's Eleven 27/DEC/01
Good actors, good script and sorta fun.  But without the humorous twist at the end of the original, it felt flat.  Rental with Dinner.
Lord of the Rings 19/DEC/01
Top-notch production values, good script, good acting.  Overall, a fun fantasy story.  Full Price.
From Hell 22/OCT/01
It was sort of mixed up between murder mystery and horror/thriller.  I think that lack of focus blunted the ending.  Rental
13 Days 10/SEP/01
Maybe it would have hit a little harder if I knew the real people involved better. Pay Per View.
The Others 08/SEP/01
Not as thought-provoking as friends had led me to expect.  Cable.
Planet of the Apes 03/AUG/01
Pretty stinkin' silly.  Cable with Dinner
Snatch 20/JUL/01
Sort of the Coen brothers meets Pulp Fiction.  Matinee with Popcorn and Drinks.
Best in Show 08/JUL/01
Very silly, in a good way.  I wasn't interested from the previews, but heard good things about it.  It works.  Rental with Dinner.
O Brother, Where Art Thou? 07/JUL/01
I've never read Homer's Odyssey, but I recognized some bits from general knowledge.  Usual bizarre Coen brothers characters.  Matinee.
A.I. 06/JUL/01
This felt like a good movie, but I think I missed most of the symbolism.  It was thought-provoking, though.  Rental with Dinner.
The Wedding Planner 05/JUL/01
Fairly standard Hollywierd fluff.  Too much got chopped out.  Some fairly contrived situations.  Cable with Dinner.
The Mummy Returns 27/MAY/01
Very similar in tone to the first.  The story seemed a bit forced.  Cable with Dinner.
Shrek 21/MAY/01
A well-executed Disney-esque fairy tale.  Matinee.
Driven 09/MAY/01
Decent special effects, but the silly story generally wasted the acting talent.   Cable with Dinner.
Enemy at the Gates 27/MAR/01
Feels like standard Hollywierd bastardization of a historical drama.  Cable with Dinner.
28 Days 20/MAR/01
Kind of a blah movie that should have had much more impact.  Pay Per View.
3000 Miles to Graceland 26/FEB/01
A little disorganized.  They planted some hints that they never cleared up.   Pay Per View with Popcorn and Drinks.
Traffic 21/JAN/01
A coupla months in the life of the War on Drugs.  What performances were there were pretty good.  They just tried to pack too much in and ended up with not much worth having in there.  Pay Per View.
Antitrust 15/JAN/01
Geeks rule the world!  Um.  Anyway.  Okay suspense thriller.  Rental with Dinner.
Castaway 01/JAN/2K+1
My roomie spotted a lot more symbolism than I did.  Matinee with Dinner.
The Green Mile 01/JAN/2K+1
Very well done supernatural story.  Very much a character-driven story.  Very good verasimilitude.  Full Price.
High Fidelity 31/DEC/2K
Another odd and generally fun Cusack movie, but it doesn't stick as well as some of his others.  Rental with Dinner.
Miss Congeniality 31/DEC/2K
Just your standard Hollywierd fluff movie with a heavy dose of saccharin.  A little contrived.  Pay Per View.
How the Grinch Stole Christmas 30/DEC/2K
The parts that stuck close to the original were pretty good.  The new bits felt really amateur and out of place.  Cable with Dinner.
Chicken Run 03/JUL/2K
Lots of fun and very clever.  These guys have an incredible imagination.  Full price.
Frequency 05/MAY/2K
A bit contrived, and bad science fiction, not one of the better time travel stories.   But fun despite that.  Pay Per View.
U-571 24/APR/2K
Not horrible, but silly.  Falls between The Hunt for Red October and Crimson Tide.   Pay Per View.
Erin Brockovich 17/APR/2K
Fairly standard feel-good David and Goliath story.  Fun, well done and good pace.   Rental.
The Sixth Sense 10/APR/2K
Willis and the kid had very good performances.  Matinee.
The Whole Nine Yards 18/MAR/2K
Started out with some interesting twists but kind of plateaued.  Overall, pretty fun.  Rental with Popcorn and Drinks.
Galaxy Quest 22/JAN/00
Light-hearted satire based on the Star Trek phenomenon.  Cute, stays fun, though a little uneven in places.  Matinee.
Stalingrad 04/JAN/00
Doesn't make a smooth trasition from a straightforward war movie to a group of disenfranchised soldiers.  Cable with Dinner.
On Any Given Sunday 01/JAN/00
Very good actors carry this movie but can't make it soar.  The cinematography was brutal, in a good way.  Pay Per View.
American Beauty 28/DEC/99
Seems to be about when stereotypical people ignore their inhibitions and give in to some of their fantasies.   Rental.
Arlington Road 17/DEC/99
An interesting twist at the end, but it was the capper on a contrived script.   Cable with Popcorn and Drinks.
Pushing Tin 1/DEC/99
The movie couldn't decide if it wanted to be a bizarre comedy, a drama, or just a straight soap opera.   Pay Per View.
The Mummy 27/NOV/99
Less graphic and more slapstick than I expected.  Generally a fairly light-hearted excuse to show off some special effects.  Cable with Dinner.
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow 21/NOV/99
A fun horror movie.  They use a lot of humor to break up the gore.  Rental with Dinner.
Being John Malkovich 13/NOV/99
A very bizarre story idea.  It uses lots of comedy to study metaphysical ideas.   Matinee with Dinner.
Three Kings 20/OCT/99
Interesting techniques carried this story, though I was disappointed with the convenient happy ending.  Matinee.
Shakespeare in Love 12/SEP/99
The chick flick love affair takes up the entire second act, and simply didn't do much for me.  Cable with Dinner.
Mystery Men 5/SEP/99
I really wanted to like this movie.  It wasn't horrible, but the pacing didn't keep up.  Cable with Dinner.
The Thomas Crown Affair 19/AUG/99
Another safe Hollyweird fluff script.  I keep hearing the original was better.   Rental.
Enemy of the State 24/JUL/99
The movie manages to rise above the high-tech silliness.  Rental with Popcorn.
Six Days, Seven Nights 20/JUL/99
Predictable humor, contrived plot devices and generally took the safe route.  Cable.
Elizabeth 19/JUL/99
A hard-core chick-flick in an annoying setting.  I don't understand how this movie could win the Oscar.  Commercial with Dinner.
Terms of Endearment 18/JUL/99
It was generally good, but fairly predictable.  Rental with Dinner.
Not quite as cohesive as Heat.  But overall pretty exciting.  Matinee with Popcorn and Drinks.
Notting Hill 13/JUL/99
Basically, this movie is just what you would expect, harmless fluff.  Cable with Dinner.
South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut  7/JUL/99
If you like South Park then you'll probably like this.  If you don't get it then it'll simply be tacky and obnoxious.  Matinee with Dinner, Popcorn and Drinks.
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me 23/JUN/99
Generally fun and not nearly as bad as they could have been.  Rental.
Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace 19/MAY/99
It was fun and captured the Star Wars feel.  About on par with the first movie, minus the jaw-dropping Wow! response.  Matinee.
Entrapment 1/MAY/99
Bottom line, another very safe Hollyweird Big Star movie.  Rental.
Dark City 20/APR/99 Spoilers
Not as pretty as The Matrix, but a better science fiction story.  Matinee.
The Matrix 17/APR/99 Spoilers
A fairly fun science fantasy extravaganza.  Rental with Dinner.
Lost in Space 16/APR/99 Spoilers
Slapped-together Hollyweird exploitation.  A big disappointment.  Cable.
Analyze This 13/APR/99
Shallow characters in contrived yet predictable situations.  Cable.
Snake Eyes 12/APR/99 Spoilers
I saw the seeds to a much more interesting movie.  This one is generic Hollyweird drivel.  Cable with Popcorn and Drinks.
Vampires 1/APR/99
Generally fun and a bit campy.  Almost a really good movie.   Pay-Per-View.
8 Seconds 30/MAR/99
Overall, a simplistic rise and fall story idolizing Lane Frost and bull riding.   Cable with Dinner.
Rushmore 27/FEB/99
Maybe after I read a few reviews and see it again I'll understand it.  Cable with Popcorn and Drinks.
Payback 24/FEB/99
The sociopathy is along the lines of Casino, but much lighter in tone.  Rental with Dinner.
The Thin Red Line 17/FEB/99
Very different from what I expected.  A potentially good theme, but the story lacked cohesion and just didn't fit the movie format well.  Rental with Dinner.
The Postman 30/JAN/99 Spoilers
It's a decent David Brin story (haven't read it, yet) though too staged and a too-convenient ending.   Rental
A Civil Action 13/JAN/99 Spoilers
It seemed watered-down somehow.  Pay-per-view with Popcorn and Drinks.
Living Out Loud 1/JAN/99
A bit odd.  I admire it for dodging the Hollyweird ending.  Pay Per View with Dinner.
Patch Adams 25/DEC/98
A pretty good serious Robin Williams movie.  Matinee with Popcorn and Drinks.
You've Got Mail 20/DEC/98
It's well done.  About what you would expect.  Rental.
What Dreams May Come 2/OCT/98
So much time was spent explaining that it felt like big parts of the movie were missing.   Pay Per View.
Infinity 21/SEP/98
Far more shallow than I had hoped.  Rental.
Rounders 21/SEP/98
A good movie, but you might want to go with someone who can translate the poker terms.   Matinee.
Saving Private Ryan 27/JUL/98
While they do set a context for the heroic aspects, the horrors are pretty overwhelming.   Full Price.
Lethal Weapon 4 11/JUL/98
Better than I expected.  More comedy than I expected.  Rental with Dinner.
The Truman Show 04/JUL/98
What was there was well done, but it felt unfinished.  Cable with Dinner.
Gattaca 04/JUL/98
They may have mixed in a bit too much Hollywood, which diluted the allegory.   Rental with Dinner.
American Werewolf in Paris 27/JUN/98
Not horrible, but just too busy and lacked cohesion in a few places.  Cable with Popcorn and Drinks.
Fallen 25/JUN/98
  The ending just came as a letdown at the end of an okay movie.  Cable.
Desperate Measures 25/JUN/98
The roles are a little too simple and the setting a little too contrived.  Cable.
'Til There Was You 15/JUN/98
Not a bad movie, but a bit too chick-flick for me to follow.  Cable.
Kiss the Girls 15/JUN/98
Not bad, but not all that compelling.  Rental.
Deep Impact 15/JUN/98 Spoilers
The "science" is embarrassing, but the human drama is passable.  Cable with Popcorn and Drinks.
Godzirra 21/MAY/98
Better than I feared.  Rental.
The Horse Whisperer 15/MAY/98
Well done chick-flick.  Matinee.
City of Angels 07/MAY/98
An angel falls for a human.  Not bad.  Rental and Dinner.
Chasing Amy 07/MAY/98
An interesting study about people's past, maybe a bit talky.  Matinee.
Sliding Doors 30/APR/98
Interesting storytelling technique executed very well.  Matinee and Dinner.
Face/Off 30/APR/98
Just plain silly.  Cable.
Devil's Advocate 19/APR/98
Not a horrible movie, but a lot of holes.  Cable with Popcorn and Drinks.
Primary Colors 13/APR/98
An interesting study of the ends justifying the means.  Matinee.
The Full Monty 30/MAR/98
Light-hearted fun.  Believable characters and situation.  Matinee.
The Game 17/MAR/98
Total verisimilitude meltdown.  Commercial with Popcorn and Drinks.
The Big Lebowski 13/MAR/98
Doesn't stand apart from previous Coen movies.  Cable with Popcorn and Drinks.
Good Will Hunting 20/FEB/98
Well-done story with interesting characters.  Matinee
Wag the Dog 11/JAN/98
Didn't grab me.  Cable.
Titanic 3/JAN/98
One of the best of the year. Full Price with Popcorn and Drinks.
Rainmaker 3/JAN/98
Pretty good movie. Matinee.
Tommorrow Never Dies 3/JAN/98
Middle of the road James Bond. Rental.
The Jackal 3/JAN/98
Standard Hollyweird fare. Not bad, not great. Cable with Popcorn and Drinks.
Alien Resurrection 3/JAN/98
Barely makes Commercial TV. Scott's quote: I'd recommend doing laundry rather than watch this movie.
Starship Troopers 12/NOV/97
If you have a big screen with a good sound system, Cable with Popcorn and Drinks. Otherwise a generous upgrade to Matinee.

Mighty's Brother's Total Value Movie Scale:
Full Price
Commercial TV (where you need the added suspense of wondering if your popcorn will be ready before the commercial is over.)
And Dinner
With Popcorn and Drinks

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